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About The Service

What is a sewer scope?

A sewer scope is a home service which provides a detailed report of the condition of a property’s sewer line. A sewer scope operator will use a camera to view the inside of the sewer line to determine if there are cracks, bellying, damages, clogs, debris, or roots growing into the line. The sewer scope report consists of video documentation as well as written notes about any of the damages found.

Why get a sewer scope?

Sewer lines are extremely expensive to replace and repair so the sooner you get a report of the condition of the line, the sooner you can request that it be fixed. During real estate transactions, a damaged sewer scope can be requested to be fixed during the inspection objection portion. That means that the seller may decide to fix or replace the sewer scope in order to complete the sale.

In the event that you buy a property without getting a sewer scope, you could be putting yourself into a situation where you will have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to fix. It is recommended to ALWAYS get a sewer scope prior to buying an property. Don’t let yourself skip this step because it could cost you thousands of dollars in the future.

When should I get a sewer scope?

Sewer scopes are typically scheduled during a real estate transaction once you are under contract. This gives you a chance to object to the damages during the inspection objection. You can also schedule a sewer scope at any other time to check on the condition of your sewer line. This service is not exclusive to real estate transactions so don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any concerns.

Types of Sewer Line Damage





Root Growth

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The Report and Service

View one of our sample reports to get an idea of what a sewer scope is and what we provide you when it’s complete. Give us a call if you have any questions or would like to schedule your sewer scope: 303-843-7280.

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